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As a lifelong Mental Alchemist, and certified Law of Attraction Life & Business Coach, I know a thing or two about Manifestation and make dreams come true.

One thing is to want something – that is the easy part. We all have some kind of wishes and dreams for ourselves and the future. But a whole other thing is Deserving.

That one is tricky!

Here is the thing; we are attracting what matches our most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions. So, if we feel shitty about ourselves, our life, our finances, our relationship… you name it, then we will attract circumstances into our life, that matches those thoughts, emotions, and actions.

If you don’t think you deserve to be happy, having an amazing relationship, have amazing friends, be healthy or financial independent; no wonder if your desire won’t come true. It is not enough to want something. You have to believe you deserve it! With your heart and soul!

I believe I deserve to happy.

I believe I deserve to be healthy.

I believe I deserve to prioritize my health before anything else (Thank You sick-leave for that important lesson).

I believe I deserve only to have amazing and inspiring people around me.

I believe I deserve to have the life and business I love.

I believe I deserve to invest in myself.

I believe I deserve to laugh and have fun every single day.

I believe I deserve to unplug and stay offline from the Social Media as much I want to.

I believe I deserve to set high goals and put them into action. (Everything is possible, after all)

I believe I deserve only to invite high-vibe positivity into my life… and stay the hell away from negative stuff.

I believe I deserve to celebrate every single one of my accomplishments every day, no matter how big or small they are.

I believe I deserve to have Loving, Caring, Safe, Loyal, Honorable, Trustworthy, Honest, Kind & Inspiring relationships.

I believe I deserve to be true to myself and my authentic self.

I believe I deserve to be self-confident.

I believe I deserve to keep trying to make my dreams and goals come true, even though I have to try several to make it work out.

I believe I deserve to live as stress-free and drama-free life as possible.

What do you believe you deserve in your life?

Want vs. Deserve.
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