Here is an overview of my Online Courses and Programs.

My Focus Area is:

  • Manifestation & the Law of Attraction (as you might know as The Secret)
  • Lightworkers & Earth Angels
  • Living a Life at the Highest Energy Frequency Humanly Possible, which is the sum of:
    • Unconditional Freedom
    • Unconditional Peace
    • Unconditional Joy
    • Unconditional Love
    • Unconditional Enlightenment.

I might also launch some Online Courses or Programs about Spirituality.

If you have suggestions for new Online Courses or Program, please send me an email at

From Summer 2019 will my Online Courses and Programs be text-based. Each lesson will take about 5-15 minutes to get through. I am teaching in writing because I am letting the Universe, the Angels, and the Source of Love (God) communicate through my hands and me. All my Online Courses and Programs are channeled from the Absolut Highest Energies and Frequencies.

The reason why I don’t make them as books is that books are outlined in a different way than Online Courses. Books are also more storytelling and “easy to eat.” Online Courses and Programs are teaching and deep focused on giving you a solution to a specific problem. Online Courses and Programs also offers the opportunity of a wide range of added content, like Worksheets, Downloadables, Bonuses, and potential 1:1 sessions with me.

Where is the Online Courses and Programs?

All Online Courses and Programs are in my Training Area at Teachable. As you might now, I create content in English and Danish. The exact same content, just in different languages. If there is written “DANSK” at the beginning of the name of the Course or Program, it means the product is in Danish. The Danish Products is charged in Danish Kroner (DKK) and the Products in English is charged in US Dollar.

Teachable has a 30 Days Full Money Refund Guarantee on all the products. So if you feel the product is the right fit for you, just send me an email, and I will refund your money – no questions asked. Allow for your credit card refunds to take up to 7-10 business days to process.

NB: If you purchase through a payment plan, the 30 Days Money Gurantie cover from the day of purchase and the amount you HAVE paid.


Online Courses and Programs published after Summer 2019 do all have the same Fixed Price and Payment Plans:

  • Single Payment: $499
  • Payment Plan for 2 Months: 2 x $299
  • Payment Plan for 3 Months: 3 x $197
  • Payment Plan for 6 Months: 6 x $99
  • Payment Plan for 12 Months: 12 x $50

Exclusive Discounts:

If you are on my email list, do I offer you 25% Launch Discount in the launch period (2-4 weeks from the official launch) by following the link in my email (ONLY Single Payment.) Hvis du follow me on Social Media, do you get 15% in Promo Discount during the same launch period by clicking the link in my post. (ONLY Single Payment.)

If you are fast, and signing up for the Online Course or Program’s Wait List (the direct link will be shared with my email list and on my social media) BEFORE THE LAUNCH or BEFORE THE WAITLIST CLOSES, you’ll get 50% Early Bird Discount on the Single Payment + All Payment Plans for 1 week after the launch.

As soon the launch period is over, I won’t give any more discount. It’s once-in-a-life-time!


I create Online Courses and Programs in English and Danish, just as I write articles and books in both languages. As you can imagine, it takes twice the time to create. Therefore the English Version may be launched sometime before the Danish Version. I am channeling EVERYTHING in English and then translating it into Danish. Only God knows why the Universe, the Angels, and the Source of Love (God) speaks to me in English – that just the way it is, and it’s fine with me! Because there are so many Danes who prefer to receive my teaching in Danish, I ask for your patience while I get it translated.☺️

Click on the Pictures to get to the Online Course or Program.


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