A High Vibe Lightworker means to share your Love and Light with the world, in ways that feel right for you. It doesn’t really matter who you are, where you’re from, religion, race, etc. Just that you want to be a channel for Love.


I want to give you exclusive access to inspiration and motivation to Live a High Vibe Life at the Highest Energy Frequency Humanly Possible, which means Unconditional Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment. I want to teach you everything I know. 

In order to help you get started in the best way possible, I have written a brand new e-book with 12 Lightworker Life Lessons to Live a High Vibe Life, which I will send you as soon you have joined my High Vibe Lightworker Tribe.

I will regularly send the members of High Vibe Lightworker Tribe some exclusive gifts for FREE! That’s a little bonus, in which I hope will help you on your journey and in your development. Since the gifts are FREE, they can only be accessed by that only email they are sent in. 

As an extra BONUS will you receive a Monthly Planning Kit for FREE the last day in each month, so you have it ready to plan the coming month. You’ll receive it as long you are on my emailing list. – (Value $19/month)

The Monthly Planning Kit includes:

  • Monthly Planner
  • Monthly Desktop Wallpaper
  • Monthly iPhone//smartphone Wallpaper
  • Monthly Motivational Wisdom e-mail


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