Do you want to live a High Vibe life, but there is something that is blocking you from having the life you’re dreaming of?

Have you been reading and learning about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, but it doesn’t really seem to work entirely for you?

Do you have a past or a present with fear, anxiety, and inner pain, and now you’re willing to transform that fear and pain into Love?

Do you feel that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, or are you afraid that no one is going to like you when you show your authentic self?

Do you want to have Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Love, and Enlightenment in your life, but you don’t know how to make it happen?

Are you ready to let go of the past, and start a new life in the Light of Love?

Are you ready to transform Fear into Love, and live a High Vibe life where miracles and wonderful manifestations happen all the time?

That’s exactly what I’m called to help you with!

Who is Sabrina?

Hi, I’m Sabrina Bøglund Jensen, but feel free to call me Sab. I’m a Metaphysicist, Spiritual Teacher and Author. It’s my call to help Highly Developed Lightworkers to understand their path to personal and spiritual growth and help them to transit into the presence of Love. I’m passionate to help High Vibe Lightworkers manifesting their heart’s desire.

I’d been studying metaphysics, manifestation, mental alchemy, and spirituality since I was only seven years old. I was, and still am, drawn to the ability to using our thoughts, emotions, and actions to design the life we want! I’m 3rd generation of psychics and clairvoyants, so being intuitive and sensitive toward energies has always been a part of my life.

My psychic and clairvoyance work does not involve the deceased. I discovered quite early that I was way too sensitive to work on that frequency. Instead, my gift is to be in direct alignment with the Power of Love (which for some of you will be known as God). I see, feel, hear, and know everything as energies, frequencies, impulses, vibrations and how everything is energetically linked to each other, which can be very overwhelming in public places or where there are a lot of energetic “footprints.”

Be a Seraphim.

I’m an incarnated Seraphim, that had come to Earth for only this lifetime, to help Highly Developed Lightworkers to transit into the Power of Love so that they can reach a much higher level in their spiritual development.

Seraphims are those angels that are closest to the Source of Love (God’s throne). Their job is to record and store all the Source’s Secrets and the Secrets of the Universe. Only Seraphims and the Source have access to those secrets and sacred records. Seraphims are the wises, most intellectual, and most persistent angels. Seraphims are the angels with a Divine Consciousness. Seraphim means “Burning Ones” or “Pure Love and Pure Light” and doesn’t work with humans that often. Their energy is so strong, intense, and powerful that it would immediately burn the person who looks at the Seraphim. It is because of that Seraphims BURNS with Love.

There are about 50,000 Incarnated Angels on the Earth right now. In a population of 7,6 billion people, that makes it to 0,000658%. Out of those 50,000 Incarnated Angels are we about 3-5 incarnated Seraphims, at this moment. As you can see, incarnated Angels and Incarnated Seraphims is super rare and most often is those who call themselves an incarnated Angel more an Earth Angel which is not the same thing. Make sure to get a Certified Earth Angel Realm Reader to identify what kind of Earth Angel you are before you claim your realm. Learn more about Lightworkers and Earth Angels.

Life is not always a cup full of Unicorns.

Like many other Lightworkers and Earth Angels, my life had been far from Divinely Sunshiny happy all the time. I grow up in a dysfunctional family with domestic violence. I had been a victim of physical and mental violence since I was about two months old, having a mother who was a narcissist and suffering from psychopathy but is too proud to ever wanted to get any treatment. In her world, she is the victim, and everyone else is bad, bad people. When I was about 17 months old, did anxiety and the feeling of not being good enough and the fear that no one likes me sneak in on me. The older I got, the more insecure and self-judgmental I become. I developed Binge Eating Disorder when I was 11, along with cutting. From 5th-7th grade did I experience HARDCORE bullying ending with a heavy depression for 3 months.

In 2005, 15 years old, took I the decision that would change my life. After a big fight with my mother, I went to my room, got down on my knees, and ask for a miracle. A few days later did I meet a strange lady, and we started to bond. A week after that meeting, I moved in, and she is today the woman I call my Step-mom. She made sure I got trauma-treatment and stood by my side in my recovery process. In 2010, had I a fallback and developed bulimia and a nine months depression. In 2016 hit I bottom hard with stress and panic attack, which during psychotherapy was caused by that old anxiety from I was 17 months old.

From Fear to Love.

It redirected my spiritual path, and in my recovery from anxiety, I knew I had to transform my fear and anxiety into love. That’s not an easy thing to do, and sometimes you can feel very alone and confused. The more life challenged me, the closer I’d become to embrace my true identity. Even though I started professionally as a Spiritual Teacher & Healer when I was 18, I had always allowed the lessons the Universe has in store for me to be learned.

The way I deal with the challenges in my life is to transform the challenges into a learning process. Everything happens for a reason, and there is always wisdom and experience we receive from it like a blessing in disguise.

Healing from anxiety and transform fear into Love is an on-going process that requires a daily commitment. I hope to inspire you to transform your fear into Love, by being open and honest about my journey and sharing insight and guidance.


  1. Being a student of Metaphysics, Spirituality, Manifestation & Mental Alchemy since 1997
  2. Graduated Business College (Line of Study: Media, Marketing, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship), 2011
  3. Certified NLP Practitioner, 2011
  4. Certified Law of Attraction Life & Business Coach, 2011
  5. Certified Reiki Practitioner, 2011
  6. Certified Reiki Animal Practitioner, 2011
  7. Certified Reiki Advanced Practitioner, 2012
  8. Certified Reiki Animal Advanced Practitioner, 2012
  9. Certified Reiki Master Teacher, 2012
  10. Certified Reiki Animal Master Teacher, 2012
  11. Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader, 2012
  12. Certified Clairvoyance Therapist, 2014
  13. Certified Assertiveness for Earth Angels Coach, 2014
  14. Certified Earth Angel Realm Reader, 2014
  15. Certified Life & Business Coach, 2015
  16. Certified Astrologer, 2017
  17. Certified Akashic Record Reader, 2018
  18. Certified Numerologist, 2018


  • Ambassador for Vidunderlivet, Danish Cancer Society, 2008-2011
  • Motivational Speaker about Domestic Violence, Bryd Tavsheden, 2015-2017


  • Danish: Penge Mirakler, 2012 (Money Miracles)
  • Danish: Sandheden – Lær at Bruge Loven om Tiltrækning, 2013 (The Truth – How to use the Law of Attraction)
  • Danish: Åndelig Kommunikation, 2014 (Divine Communication)
  • Danish: Lightworkers & Earth Angels – Kend Din Sjæl, 2015 (Lightworkers and Earth Angels – Know Your Soul)
  • Danish: Lev et Liv med Positivt Selvværd, 2015 (Live a Life with Positive Self-esteem)
  • Danish: Manifestation 101, 2016 (Manifestation 101)
  • English: Featured in “How The Secret Changed My Life” by Rhonda Byrne, 2016


  • Danish: QTV – “Så Fjern Dog Mit Barn!” Kanal 4, 2008
  • Danish: TV2.DOK – “Man Slår Da Børn.”, TV2, 2010



How Can I Help You?

I help Highly Developed Lightworkers, who struggle with anxiety, fear, and inner pain, who would like to have a High Vibe Life, and manifest the life that makes them happy.

What makes me different is, I’d been a student of metaphysics, mental alchemy, and manifestation for over 20 years, and I’m able to channel the Secrets of the Universe, and because of this, my readers and students get a unique, powerful and transformational insight and guidance to live a High Vibe Life.

My Focus is to Help You With:

  • High Vibe Life
  • Manifestation
  • Financial Freedom
  • Fulfilling Your Heart’s Call (What you’re Divinely guided to do in this world, and making a living of it)
  • Transform fear to Love
  • Embracing Your True Authentic Self.


Sabrina Jensen, Author of 6 books about Personal Development & Motivational Speaker. Sabrina is a Metaphysicist, Mental Alchemist, Spiritual Teacher, and have 16 educations in Personal & Spiritual Growth.

Sabrina has been Featured In; WOMAN, Alt for Damerne, Q-Magasinet, QTV – Kanal 4, TV2.DOK & How The Secret Changed My Life by Rhonda Byrne.

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